Welcome to the 11th World Table Tantrix Open 2022, 2-3 July

FORMAT To be decided depending on number of entrants.

VENUE Trosa, Sweden


PRIZES The WTO trophy and the Swedish Open trophy for the winner, both to keep until the next time each of them takes place. Medals will be given to the top three players and there will be Swedish inspired prizes to all entrants - it's a tradition we do in every Swedish Open!

When flying from abroad the closest airport is Stockholm Skavsta, followed by Stockholm Arlanda.

From Skavsta you can get the bus to Nykping, which only takes 12 minutes, whereupon you have about 1 hour by bus to Trosa. Tickets can be bought on the bus, but please note you cant pay with cash, so bring your credit card.

From Arlanda you first have to take Arlanda Express (Train) to Stockholm, from where you take a train to Vagnhrad and then finally bus to Trosa. This trip takes about 2 hours. Please note that it'll be more expensive if you buy a ticket on the train instead of booking in advance. There is also a train direct from Arlanda to Vagnhrad.

If you need help with booking tickets, just ask us and we'll help you! A good website for checking times for trains is sj.se and resrobot.

In previous years many players have stayed at a hostel in Trosa harbour called Trosa Vandrarhem. We can assist making reservations there, if you want.

Other options for accomodations in Trosa are the hotels Bomans, and Trosa Stadshotell, both of which cost about 100 euro per night. You can also check this link,(choose Stay) for further options.

FRIDAY 1st: Everybody is welcome to Monica and Lewis's house in Trosa (Ankargatan 5) from 4pm for a pre-tournament get together. Dinner (=pasta!) and various activities/games will be provided including the following possibilities:

A typical swedish game, brnnboll [ˈbrɛmːbɔlː]) where everyone can join in safely will be arranged in the afternoon! Rules according to Wikipedia.

A darts competition might take place...
(Lewis likes darts!)

The Trosa Town race/Trosa Stadslopp of 8,9 km will be held in the evening and if you would like to take part in that you can enter here. Click Anmlan 2022 and fill it in. The page is in swedish but if you need help, please dont' hesitate to ask.

After the race there is a concert in the church, at 10.30 PM. If you want to visit that you'd better run fast/be there in good time because it's very popular!

SATURDAY 2ND: Play will start at 9.00 and continue to roughly 5.30. We're trying to organize a boat trip out to the beautiful Trosa archipelago before the tournament dinner.

SUNDAY 3RD: Play will start at 9.00 and finish around 5.00 to allow for players dashing to airports. A traditional group photo will be taken after lunch. For those remaining in Trosa on Sunday evening, there will be more fun to be had for sure! Dinner plans are going out to a local restaurant, or staying at Palmer's place, and for those who want; more games...

Well, this has been said about previous Opens:

"I discovered the golden rule of tournament play - if you expect to win, you'll lose, yet if you expect to lose, you'll win"

"A 3-day weekend where anything can happen, and often does. Friendships flourish, art forms bloom and stuffed animals change hands"

"Personally, I had a great time and I highly recommend table tournaments for weight loss, one's brain is forced to process glucose at a furious rate"

"I wasn't especially grumpy at any time even though I hardly won a game.. Perhaps I understand that there are more important things in life than winning"

"I guess this was my best birthday so far :)"

"The weekend was not only about the Tantrix, it was a nice weekend in many other ways"

We really hope that we can keep up with the high standard from previous Opens and we wish to give you a nice and memorable experience of Sweden!

Oh yes, we certainly can! Trouble will be brought to us but in a nice way...

Who is Trouble?

It would be nice to repeat the idea from the very first WTO in 2009 with as many of the participating countries flags as possible, so please bring a flag or anything else that represents where you come from!

We will be sending out questionnaires to all participants regarding tournament format, travel plans, accommodation plans etc etc. Please check this site regularly for exciting developments.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@tantrix.se in any matter regarding coming here.

We are so looking forward to see you in Trosa 2022!

A very warm welcome from
Nica, Lewis and Niklas

Thank you for the Tantrix, the game were playing
Thanks for all the joy its bringing
Who can live without it, we ask in all honesty,
what would life be
without the tiles in our lifes, what are we?
so I say thank you for the Tantrix, for bringing it to me!