World Table Tantrix Open = Vrldsmsterskapen i Tantrix p bordet

D de ppna bordstvlingarna i Tantrix under ren blivit fler och fler till antalet bestmde Tantrix-uppfinnaren Mike McManaway att en tvling av alla dessa "opens" skulle f vrldsmsterskapsstatus. Sedan 2009 har sledes en bordsturnering utnmnts till att, samtidigt som den r det arrangerande landets "open", ocks vara bords-VM. Fram tills idag har det hllits 10 st bords-VM och resultaten frn dessa hittar du hr nedan. Fullstndiga tvlingsresultat hittar du hr (sk lngst ner p sidan under Table Tournaments, WTO - World Tantrix Open).

11th World Tantrix Open arrangeras i Trosa 3-4 juli 2021! Hll utkik p vr Facebooksida World Tantrix Open 2021 fr uppdateringar. Redan nu kan du anmla dig hr och mer info om tvlingen hittar du hr.

The 10th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Oterleek/ Nederlnderna. 31 spelare frn 10 olika lnder deltog och i r dk tv nya namn upp p listan ver topp 3! Tidigare femfaldige svenska vrldsmstaren kom fr andra gngen 2:a.
1:a - Neil Jenner, UK
2:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
3:a - Marek Reiners, Polen

The 9th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Guillestre/Frankrike och sammanfll med 30-rsfirandet av Tantrix, som allts skapades redan 1988! 20 spelare frn 7 olika lnder deltog och terigen, fr femte gngen, vann Niklas Andersson frn Sverige. P en mycket hedrande andraplats kom uppfinnaren sjlv!
1:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
2:a - Mike McManaway, Nya Zeeland
3:a - Iris Gil, Spanien

The 8th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Debrecen/Ungern och 26 spelare frn 7 olika lnder deltog. Niklas tertog vandringspriset (efter ett uppehll p 3 r) och vann WO fr fjrde gngen.
1:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
2:a - Pter Petrecz, Ungern
3:a - Attila Mikuln, Ungern

The 7th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Badalona/Spanien och 33 spelare frn 8 olika lnder deltog. Vandringspriset verlmnades frn en kvinna till en annan, och Britta Steude var den andra kvinnan att vinna WO.
1:a - Britta Steude, Nya Zeeland
2:a - Ben Polman, Nederlnderna
3:a - Eva Radix, Nederlnderna

The 6th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Crolles/Frankrike och 34 spelare frn 11 olika lnder deltog. Vinsten togs fr frsta gngen hem av en kvinna, dessutom svensk!
1:a - Monica Palmer, Sverige
2:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
3:a - Laurence Pacull, Frankrike

The 5th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Bischoffen/Tyskland och s mnga som hela 50 spelare frn 10 olika lnder deltog. Top 3 blev 3 ungrare.
1:a - Zoltn Nmeth, Ungern
2:a - Attila Mikuln, Ungern
3:a - Pter Petrecz, Ungern

The 4th World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Trosa/Sverige och 34 spelare frn 11 olika lnder deltog. Du kan lsa mycket mer om detta rs tvling lngre ner p sidan - vi gick "all in", som man sger, och p hemmaplan lyckades Niklas vinna fr tredje gngen!
1:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
2:a - Attila Mikuln, Ungern
3:a - Ben Polman, Nederlnderna

The 3rd World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Almere/Nederlnderna och 48 spelare frn 11 olika lnder deltog
1:a - Pter Kovacs, Ungern
2:a - Attila Mikuln, Ungern
3:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige

The 2nd World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Budapest/Ungern och 44 spelare frn 10 olika lnder deltog. terigen vann Sverige!
1:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
2:a - Pter Petrecz, Ungern
3:a - Chris Essex, Storbritannien

The 1st World Table Tantrix Open arrangerades i Edinburgh/Skottland och 45 spelare frn 14 olika lnder deltog. Sverige var otroligt stolta eftersom vr svenska Niklas Andersson vann!
1:a - Niklas Andersson, Sverige
2:a - Attila Mikuln, Ungern
3:a - Simon Wright, Storbritannien

Mer info om 2013 rs VM fljer nedan.



On Friday evening there will be a Solitiare tournament organised by Mike to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tantrix. First prize will be a free place to the World Table Tantrix Open!

If you consider to enter the World Open please do it sooner rather than later because Trosa is running out of hotel rooms - it is a very popular place to visit in the summer :-) Please contact with inquiries. Warm welcome!


The train on Friday 14th is booked for 18.00 for a trip around Trosa. Make sure you are here by then!
The 4th World Table Tantrix Open/10th Swedish Open will be held in Trosa, Sweden. Will there be 50 players this time?


DATE June 15th/16th 2013

VENUE Trosa Frsamlingshem, Smckbrogatan, 619 30 Trosa.
Trosa Frsamlingshem is our community hall located close to Trosa Stads Kyrka (the town church).

FORMAT To be decided depending on number of entrants.

COST 500 SEK which includes tournament entry, Friday activities and evening meal, Saturday lunch and tournament dinner plus boat trip and lunch on Sunday. Refreshments (hot and cold drinks and fruit) will also be available during play.

PRIZES The WTO trophy and the Swedish Open trophy for the winner, both to keep until the next time each of them takes place. Medals will be given to the top three players. No prize money will be given but there will for sure be swedish inspired prizes to all entrants a tradition we do in every Swedish Open!

(As far as possible we try to think environmentally friendly, to shop locally and also support charity in some way when we buy whatever needed for the tournament.)

When flying from abroad the closest airport is Stockholm Skavsta, followed by Stockholm Bromma and then Stockholm Arlanda.

From Skavsta you can get the bus to Nykping, which only takes 12 minutes, whereupon you have about 1 hour by bus to Trosa. Cost is about 8 Euros per person, half price for people younger than 20. Tickets can be bought on the bus, but please note you cant pay with cash, so bring your credit card.

From Bromma there are buses first to Stockholm, then train from Stockholm to Vagnhrad and finally bus from Vagnhrad to Trosa. This trip takes about 2 hours and costs about 20 euros.

From Arlanda you first have to take Arlanda Express (Train) to Stockholm, from where you take train to Vagnhrad and then finally bus to Trosa. This trip takes about 2 hours and costs about 36 euros. Please note that itll be more expensive if you buy a ticket on the train instead of booking in advance. There is also a train direct from Arlanda to Vagnhrad.

If you need help with booking tickets, just ask us and well help you! Good website for checking times for train and buses is

In previous years many players have stayed at a hostel in Trosa called Vandrarhemmet Snipan, where you can find information in english. Single rooms are from 28 euros per night and double rooms from 40 euros per night. Cabins and rooms are also available where 4 people can share.

We have made a reservation for rooms on Snipan, so if you prefer to stay there, please mail us and we'll make a booking for you.

Other options in Trosa are the hotels Bomans, and Trosa Stadshotell, both of which cost about 100 euro per night. You can also check this link,(choose Accomodation) for further options.

FRIDAY 14TH: Everybody is welcome to Monica and Lewiss house in Trosa (Ankargatan 5) from 2pm for a pre-tournament get together. Dinner and various activities will be provided including the following possibilities:

A typical swedish game, brnnboll [ˈbrɛmːbɔlː]) where everyone can join in safely will be arranged in the afternoon! Rules according to Wikipedia.

A guided tour around our picturesque town by train!

A darts competition

Dinner will be a bar-b-q (weather permitting) followed by games (we have a good supply of spoons!) both inside and in the garden.

Followed by the popular Player Auction where players bid for who they think will finish in the top three.

SATURDAY 15TH: Play will start at 9.30 and continue to roughly 5.30. Were trying to organize a boat trip out to the beautiful Trosa archipelago before the tournament dinner which will be held at one of Trosas finer restaurants.

As evening entertainment, we would love to get together as many musicians as possible to form the first ever Tantrix band (all musical standards are very welcome). We will be able to provide some instruments if you have trouble getting your tuba on the plane!

SUNDAY 16TH: Play will start at 9.30 and finish around 5.00 to allow for players dashing to airports. For those remaining in Trosa on Sunday evening, there will be more fun to be had for sure!

Well, this has been said about previous Opens:

I discovered the golden rule of tournament play - if you expect to win, you'll lose, yet if you expect to lose, you'll win

A 3-day weekend where anything can happen, and often does. Friendships flourish, art forms bloom, money and stuffed animals change hands.

Personally, I had a great time and I highly recommend table tournaments for weight loss, one's brain is forced to process glucose at a furious rate

I wasn't especially grumpy at any time even though I hardly won a game.. Perhaps I understand that there are more important things in life than winning

I guess this was my best birthday so far :)

The weekend was not only about the Tantrix, it was a nice weekend in many other ways

We hope that we can keep up with the standard from previous Opens and we really wish to give you a nice and memorable experience of Sweden!

Oh yes, we certainly can! Niklas will bring Trouble (maybe in more than one way? - Same procedure as (second) last year, remember) Trouble has now spent some nice time in Sweden singing ABBA songs all summer long and skiing all winter. He might be up for a change? - if Niklas allows him to that is

Who is Trouble?

It would be nice to repeat the idea from the 2009 WTO with as many of the participating countries flags as possible, so please bring a flag or anything else that represents where you come from!


1988 > 2012 makes 24 years + 1 = 25! Tantrix will celebrate its 25th Anniversary next year and of course we will celebrate this! Check this site for news about how!

We will be sending out questionnaires to all participants regarding tournament format, activity choices, musical availability, travel plans, accommodation plans etc etc.

Please check this site regularly for exciting developments.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at in any matter regarding coming here.

We are so looking forward to see you in Trosa 2013!

A very warm welcome from
Nica, Lewis and Niklas

Thank you for the Tantrix, the game were playing
Thanks for all the joy its bringing
Who can live without it, we ask in all honesty,
what would life be
without the tiles in our lifes, what are we?
so I say thank you for the Tantrix, for bringing it to me!